Audrey Dupuis: Fostering healthy habits in teenage girls!

While searching the internet for ways to help motivate her students to be active, Audrey Dupuis—a special educator at the des Boisés High School in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts—stumbled upon FitSpirit. Intrigued, she suggested FitSpirit to the school administration, who welcomed the new project with enthusiasm.

Discovering physical activity

FitSpirit School Leader since the fall of 2012, Audrey has witnessed first-hand the many benefits that sports offer girls. For this educator who works in an underprivileged area, FitSpirit is a “girl thing” that enables the teens to experience new physical activities while discovering the pleasures of being active. The fact that the activities are non-competitive is a key element to the success of FitSpirit. 

"What counts is to take on one activity at a time, to persevere, to try again. In the end, it’s certain the girls will end up finding a sport they love!"

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