3 Tips for Winter Fun Without Feeling Cold

Winter is definitely here and people who are sensitive to cold (like me!) may be tempted to stay indoors under the covers instead of working out in the great outdoors. But to enjoy all that the season has to offer (and get some vitamin D at the same time) it’s good to get out of the house and get some exercise in the sun. Here are three tips for keeping warm while doing winter sports!

1. Dress in layers

The usual recommendation is three layers to keep you comfortable:

  • The first layer is to keep you dry (yes, you can sweat, even in winter!). Ideally, this base layer should be tight-fitting. Avoid cotton, which stores moisture and doesn’t dry quickly.
  • The second layer is a thicker insulating layer that keeps you warm and lets moisture escape. A padded top is a good choice.
  • The third layer is an outer shell to protect you from wind and snow. Choose a fabric that lets body heat escape while keeping inclement weather out. Some jackets have zippers at strategic locations, such as under the armpits, to let sweat escape. Avoid anything that isn’t breathable.

2. Cover your extremities

We lose a lot of heat through our heads, hands and feet. So it’s important to wear a tuque (or headband), gloves or mitts, and good socks (such as wool socks). If you get too hot, take off your gloves and tuque for a few minutes. Problem solved!

3. Make adjustments for the weather AND the activity you’re doing

Obviously, your clothing will change depending on the weather. If it’s windy, the third layer will be essential. If it’s mild, two layers may be enough.


And finally, a bonus tip: After you get bundled up, do a fast warm-up indoors before going out. That way, you’ll start generating heat and you’ll be less likely to feel cold when you go out.

When you get home, make sure to drink some fluids. For more info, see this article.