Lyne Denis and Judith Gingras: The happiness of seeing girls thrive!

Lyne Denis is a recreation technician at the École Polyvalente in Saint-Jérôme, where she is a FitSpirit School Leader since the fall of 2011. Working in a school that welcomes a diverse student body, she was a big fan of the FitSpirit program right from the start because she sees the many benefits it offers: motivation, perseverance, a sense of belonging and a lot more!

"At their age, where girls can sometimes be embarrassed by boys, FitSpirit offers a program just for girls. So, they can get together without the fear of being judged. That's one of the many reasons FitSpirit was so popular when it first started.”

A program rich in diversity!

Judith Gingras, a PE and health teacher at the École Polyvalente in Saint-Jérôme, has been working with Lyne on FitSpirit for the past eight years and both agree that the success of FitSpirit comes mainly from the wide variety of activities offered, and from the fact that they’re all adapted perfectly to suit girls: Surf Fitness, Bowling, cooking, Kangoo Jumps, dancing with FitSpirit ambassadors, running, stationary bikes, etc. Sure, being a FitSpirit School Leader takes a little extra time in her day, which can be challenging, but in the end, the benefits are well worth it. 

"The girls are so lucky to have all these great ways to stay active. There are so many opportunities for them, it's a real privilege!"

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