We know that sweating in a light grey phys ed T-shirt is not super fun. But at the same time, sweating is a totally normal bodily function that helps you cool down! It shouldn’t prevent you from having fun. If it makes you uncomfortable, we have some tips: 

Choose a larger T-shirt size or model so that the fabric doesn’t stick to your skin.
Wear a darker T-shirt. Some girls prefer synthetic fabrics to cotton. If you must wear a uniform, don’t be shy to ask the teachers responsible for choosing them to think about those details. 
After your class, get changed so that you don’t carry that moisture around with you.
In your schoolbag, keep a small pouch with all the essentials you need to quickly freshen up before your next class. We have a trick for doing that just below.

Tip concerning social media: Follow girls who post unaltered photos of themselves before or after their workout. You’ll see, having a shirt soaked in sweat, to go along with red cheeks and greasy hair, is super normal!

The question may seem trivial, but not having certain essential items at school can be a source of stress. It really depends on your needs, but here are a few suggestions: 

Deodorant: Because it’s fun to feel good when you’re moving!
Wipes: Always practical when you don’t have time to shower.
Dry shampoo: Another super fast alternative to showering!
A hairbrush and elastics: To put your hair up in a relaxed bun or for a more elaborate hairstyle!
Makeup: If you feel like it!
A change of clothes (underwear, socks, shirt, etc.): Just in case!
Feminine hygiene products (sanitary napkins, tampons, etc.): It’s better to be prepared than caught off guard.

It’s absolutely true: Practicing a sport can help reduce the pain you experience when you have your period. As well, it may help you better tolerate the unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms leading up to it (premenstrual syndrome, or PMS). You know, the emotional rollercoaster and feeling a bit down—it’s totally normal! 

When that happens, you can choose a less strenuous activity (stretching, yoga) or something more intense (jogging, dance). Listen to your body when choosing the activity. Many girls say that aquatic activities really help. And if you feel that your body needs comfort more than anything, put on your favourite comfort wear and take a 15-minute walk outdoors.

You know better than anyone whether you can practice your favourite activity in spite of the cramps. You can try to get active in spite of it, but you can also give yourself permission to take a little break. Remember, you’re the boss!

** Jumping or running can increase menstrual flow. You may have to take some extra precautions to prevent heavy flows.

It’s not always easy when your breasts hurt or get bigger and you don’t want everyone to see! We understand you x1000! 

If you feel self-conscious about changing in the common locker rooms, use a changing cabin. It’s your right to get changed in private! And when you know that you have phys ed or that you’ll be practicing a sport on a given day, wear a sports bra when you get dressed in the morning, which means one less thing to do in the locker room! 
Speaking of sports bras, you’re not obliged to wear one, but if that’s what you decide, take the time to choose one that’s comfortable. Some attach in the front or the back, with or without a lining or crisscross straps, etc. Once you find the model that’s right for you, you’ll be able to move with greater ease without worrying about your breasts going in all directions, or worrying about it showing when you’re cold! We have another tip for helping you find what you need HERE.
If your breasts are sore, remember that it happens and it’s perfectly normal. You can still be active, but while favouring gentler, lower-impact activities, such as walking, swimming or yoga. It will do you some good, without adding to your pain!
Speak to your friends about it to find out what their tricks are, because you can help one another among girls! 

For some girls, body hair is not a problem because it doesn’t show at all or it simply doesn’t bother them. But for others, it can be a real source of discomfort or embarrassment. Regardless of your situation, tell yourself that we all have body hair, and it’s just normal! In spite of what you see on Instagram or in advertisements, your beauty and value do not depend on the fact that you have hair on your legs, arms, or underarms. 😊 

A little trick if you become too self-conscious: Bring a pair of sweat pants or leggings and a shirt with three-quarter-length sleeves in your schoolbag. That way, you can attend class or your FitSpirit activities without giving it too much thought! Basically, if you feel confident and are proud of your appearance, you’re sure to become a role model for lots of girls!

Exams, oral presentations, admissions to Cégep—there are plenty of occasions that can cause you to feel butterflies in your stomach. And yes, physical activity and sports can help reduce your level of stress. In concrete terms, what does it accomplish… 


It relaxes your muscles.
It shifts your mindset.
It reduces the production of the stress hormone.

It promotes relaxation and enhances mood.
It fosters a sense of well-being.
It energizes you.

Ideas for being more active at school when you feel your stress level rise:

Step outdoors with your friends at lunch hour and walk around the school grounds while chatting.
During breaks, step outdoors to get some fresh air: Five deep breaths in the sun or outdoors will help you calm down! 
Ask your phys ed teacher if a room is available before or after class so that you can practice your favourite activity with other girls from your school.
During your breaks, find an empty room in which to do a few yoga postures.