Girl Zone

Welcome to FitSpirit’s Girl Zone! 

FitSpirit is about playing sports and being active in a way that’s fun, non-competitive and non-judgmental. 

This is the place to find tips that will help you—and other girls at your school—get active while enjoying yourselves. 

Put on your running shoes and get moving! You can do it, we’re here to help. Have a great workout!

Is your school a FitSpirit partner school?

FitSpirit may already be offered at your school. To find out, ask your phys-ed teacher or write to us at If your school isn’t on board yet, talk to a teacher about getting active with FitSpirit and ask them to check out Who knows, maybe FitSpirit can come to your school!

If your school doesn’t have a FitSpirit program or if you’d rather not join the group, you can still use the tools on this website. However, FitSpirit participants receive expert guidance and support. If you do decide to work out on your own, listen to your body and don’t overdo it, keep it fun, and make sure to follow us on our social media platforms.

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