Every spring FitSpirit holds a series of major events that bring together thousands of girls for a memorable, high-energy day of physical activity and fun with friends. At the FitSpirit Celebrations, participants can tackle a range of rousing challenges, from completing a 5K or 10K run without worrying about their times to trying out any number of exciting new activities. Every girl, regardless of skill level or physical condition, is welcome to come and continue her journey of discovery of sports, physical activity and the great outdoors, or to get a first taste.

The Celebrations feature an annual theme that ties in with FitSpirit’s values and gets the participants and their teachers amped up about the event ahead of time as they prepare outfits and accessories, or even hold FitSpirit activities on the year’s theme. It helps build excitement, fosters a sense of belonging and adds to the magic of the unforgettable experiences the girls will share at the Celebration.

It’s an extraordinary experience that leaves a lasting mark and inspires participants to stay physically active for life—a core goal of the FitSpirit approach.