About Fitspirit


FitSpirit (Fillactive in French) is a Quebec-based not-for-profit whose mission is to get teenage girls to be physically active throughout their lives by providing the necessary tools and resources to schools with girls 12 to 17 years old. 


Physical activity is a powerful tool with many benefits. In addition to physical activity, it promotes psychological well-being, mental health, the development of key social and cognitive skills, not to mention success in school.

After hitting puberty, many girls stop participating in sports and keeping active in general. Several barriers, like the pressure to take part in activities that are poorly suited to their interests and actual needs, can stop their desire to keep moving in their tracks. As a result, 9 out of 10 girls in high school do not meet basic Canadian physical-activity standards*. 

Our goal is to reverse this trend, starting now!



FitSpirit offers its unique set services and expertise by collaborating with school with girls 12 to 17 years old. School, as a place of learning, is the ideal place for girls, regardless of their skill level, to take part in safe physical activities that can be just as rewarding.

Here is exactly how each girl who signs up with FitSpirit benefits through our comprehensive program:

  • A web platform on which she can find training ideas to stay active with both friends and family, as well as nutrition and physical-activity tips and advice;
  • Easy access to a kinesiologist and nutrionist, each of whom she can write to with any questions she may have;
  • As many as three visits to her school by FitSpirit ambassadors to introduce her to new physical activities and sports, inspiring and motivating her to keep moving along the way;
  • The support of participating teachers and a regional coordinator, who will each help break down barriers preventing participation in engaging activities at her school;
  • The chance to become more engaged and take on a student-leadership role in the program;
  • Free training on living more of an active and healthy lifestyle, for her and her teachers, to increase awareness of just how important it is;
  • Contests, special offers, and FitSpirit-specific-coloured merchandise that she can proudly show off, as a key member of the team;
  • A group of friends on whom she can depend and with whom she can build a sense of belonging and community at school;
  • Huge fun-filled events, with thousands of girls in attendance, where she won’t just keep active, but also make lasting friends and memories.