We are looking for business people in the Greater Montreal area who wish to contribute to the philanthropic mission of the Circle of Influence and help FitSpirit shine in their community.

The ideal Circle member, male or female, will have a good network in the business community that he or she will feel comfortable soliciting in order to promote the Activewear Challenge and other fundraising events to benefit FitSpirit.

Initially inspired by FitSpirit’s mission, probably having teenage girls in his or her entourage or making a place for sports in his or her personal life, the Circle member will have the ability to communicate enthusiastically with his or her business contacts about FitSpirit and the Activewear Challenge.

Naturally persuasive, the ideal person will take pleasure in exerting a positive influence on people within and outside his or her network. Enthusiastic and warm-hearted communicator, results-oriented, autonomous and creative, the person will be motivated to achieve the participation objectives for the Activewear Challange. She or he will regularly collaborate with other business people who share the same passion for FitSpirit's mission and may be called upon to speak in public occasionally on behalf of the Circle of Influence.

It is important that the person joining the Circle of Influence be proactive and comfortable working within a group that has a flexible framework for action, i.e., that welcomes new ways of doing things and initiatives that allow us to reach our common goal as quickly as possible.

If you have any interest, please contact Anne Vincent: avincent@partneronecapital.com.

Member of the FitSpirit Circle of Influence